1. How do I get one of these Onyen things people keep talking about?

  • Just go to onyen.unc.edu and click on the Create an Onyen button

2. How do I register my iThingy / laptop / Android for campus wireless?

  • Have your ONYEN and password ready, then check out ITS’ well-written instructions at the following link. Simply choose your device or operating system: http://help.unc.edu/CCM3_008509

3. I need an Exchange Email account (for faculty and staff) or HeelMail account (for students). Where do I sign up?

  • ITS’ self-service page. When you sign in with your ONYEN, ITS will determine whether you use Exchange or HeelMail according to your affiliation. If you think they’re discerning wrong, please let us know and we’ll open a ticket.

4. When I'm off-campus, how do I connect to the FILES server?

  • Follow the instructions here.

5. How do I change my ONYEN password?

  • Visit the password management page. This is the only authorized method for changing your password (i.e., don’t change it from a login screen!)  Don’t forget to set up your challenge-response answers!

6. I just changed my ONYEN password and now nothing works. What do I do?

  • Your Windows desktop, e-mail program (Mac or PC), iPhone or Android, and anything else that saves your ONYEN password will continue to hit campus servers with your old password until you’ve updated each of them. When the campus servers see a bunch of failed login attempts, they will dutifully lock your account for a cooling-off period of 15 minutes. Here’s what to do:
    • Make sure your e-mail program knows and stores the new password, then close your e-mail program.
    • Make sure your iPhone, iPad, Android, or anything else that you use to check your e-mail has been updated.
    • If you’re running Windows, sign out and back in to update the stored copy that Windows keeps.
    • If you suspect that your account has been locked, call us at 919-962-0527 and we can unlock it for you.
    • The campus help desk is also available for 24/7/365 support at 962-HELP.
    • Usually, the first three steps above will clear up any password problems. However, sometimes…

7. I did everything above in question 6, but my password still doesn’t work! What do I do?

  • Changing your ONYEN password kicks a Rube Goldberg contraption into gear that can sometimes miss a beat. In this case, the only thing left to do is to change it again.

8. What must I do to check out equipment from the equipment room?

  • If you are enrolled in or volunteering for a class that has equipment reserved for it, you need to fill out and turn in an Equipment User Policies Form. The Equipment Room is located on the 2nd Floor in room 239. Hours are posted on the door.

9. I checked out equipment, loaned it to someone else, and they didn’t return it. Who is responsible for the equipment?

  • You are solely responsible for any and all equipment that you check out. Let us know immediately if something is missing or broken.

10. Which printers can everyone use?

  • If you’re a third or fourth-year graduate student on the third floor OR are printing specifically for teaching purposes OR on behalf of a faculty member, we have two shared printers: one in the graduate lounge, the other in suite 345 or the Graduate Program Office. Please open up a help ticket and we’ll connect you to the one nearest your office.
  • If you’re an undergraduate student or a  first or second-year graduate student, there is a CCI printer by the side entrance to the building on the first floor and another one in the Park Library on the second floor.
  • For faculty members, you can use the copiers in the mailroom or see question 19.
  • The preferred method of printing is via web print. See questions 19.

11. The printer in my classroom is out of paper. Where can I get more?

  • There are boxes of printer paper in the mailroom. Help yourself.

12. How do I connect to VPN?

13. I need lab access on weekends to work on school projects. How can I get access to Carroll Hall and the lab?

  • Fill out and submit the MJ lab access form. Once your form has been processed, you can use your OneCard with the card swipe at either main side entrance of Carroll Hall. The card swipe only functions when the door is locked. NOTE: It can take up to 72 hours to process your request. If you submit your request on a Friday you most likely won’t have OneCard access until the following Monday. Contact Courtney Olah in the Dean’s Suite (Carroll 117) if your OneCard still isn’t working after 72 hours.

14. How may I add Carroll class- and conference rooms to my Outlook calendar?

15. How do I access FERPA training?

  • This page has very well written instructions for accessing FERPA training.

16. Additional Sakai questions?

17. Any HR Problems or additional ONYEN questions?

18. New Hire? Click Me.

  • Go here for a list of instructions on what to do before starting.

19. How Do I Use the New Web Printing Portal?

  • Check out this link for instructions.

20. How Do I Deal With Suspicious Emails?

  • First, check to see if it’s already been reported to UNC here. If the same email you just received is on that list, then just delete it from your inbox!
  • If it has not been reported, then just follow the instructions on this page. Make sure you’re forwarding the email as an attachment!

21. Help! How do I fix all these Keychain issues?

22. How Do I Access the Intranet (SharePoint)?

23. What are the availability hours of classrooms and labs?

24. How do I upload to Promotion and Tenure?

25. How do I use two-factor authentication?

Have you gone through the step to initially setup Duo?
If you haven’t, then you’ll need to visit this page for more information.See the “How to Get Started” tab. If you’re still having trouble after going through those steps, you’ll want to contact 962-HELP directly (or submit a ticket).
We can attempt to help you if you are in Carroll Hall, but MJ IT won’t be able to resolve any issues that may exist with the service since this is a central ITS supported service. We can only act as a support liaison for you.

26. How do I use two-factor authentication with the VPN?

The recommended method to authenticate is to use the Duo app on your smartphone as that is the most ubiquitous device for everyone. However, there are several other modes available and a second backup option is also recommended such as your office landline phone.

The Duo app works by prompting you to confirm your login, whenever you try to access a service that it is configured to secure. The process looks something like this…

* Attempt to log on a service configured to be secure by Duo, such as the UNC VPN
* You will log on in the usual way, using your Onyen credentials
* Once you submit your credentials, Duo is triggered
* If you have the app setup on your smartphone, you’ll receive a push notification to confirm that it is you
* If configured for a landline or cell number, you’ll receive an automated phone call
* Once confirmed, you’ll be able to immediately log in

The ITS helpdesk is available to answer any questions with this service and at your disposal (24/7) if you ever run into an access issue. They can be reached at 962-HELP or help.unc.edu.


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