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About Us

The Equipment Room lends photo-, video- and audio-journalism equipment to students enrolled in specific courses at the School of Media and Journalism. Equipment check-out is done online using a tool called Connect2. You may access the new online tool here: https://equipmentroom.mj.unc.edu/. Log-in with your Onyen.

To connect to the equipment room site please ensure you are connected to UNC’s campus network (VPN, Eduroam, or wired). If off-campus, you must connect to the UNC Campus VPN.

If you are not affiliated with the School of Media and Journalism and wish to check out equipment, check the Media Resources Center at the Undergraduate Library.


For questions regarding the equipment room at the School of Media and Journalism, please contact the equipment room staff at checkout@help.mj.unc.edu or submit a support ticket.

Location & Hours

The Equipment Room is located in room 239 on the east end of the IT suite on the second floor of Carroll Hall. The ER has regular hours on weekdays during the semester. The equipment room is closed on university holidays, and hours vary during breaks. Users will only be able to schedule a pick-up or return during open hours, which will automatically display to the user during the reservation process.

  • Monday — 9 to 12   |   1 to 3:30
  • Tuesday — 9 to 12   |   1 to 2 and 3:30-5
  • Wednesday — 9 to 12   |   1 to 3:30
  • Thursday — 9 to 12   |   1 to 2 and 3:30-5
  • Friday — 12 to 3
  • Saturday/Sunday — CLOSED

User Policy

Equipment Room users must read the School of Media and Journalism Equipment Room Policy at the beginning of each semester.

Terms & Conditions

To complete a reservation, users must agree to the Equipment Room Policy posted in the Terms & Conditions step of the Connect2 booking process.

The Terms & Conditions are as follows:

User shall abide by the Equipment Room Policy. Violations may include, but are not limited to:

  • Returning equipment past the due date
  • Failure to return untangled cords and cables
  • Failure to arrive on time for a scheduled pick-up
  • Failure to properly care for equipment while checked out
  • Failure to report damaged or lost gear
  • Failure to return equipment in good condition and working order

If any equipment is returned in damaged condition, or if any equipment is not returned for any reason, including but not limited to destruction, confiscation, theft or act of God, User shall pay to the School either the cost of repair or replacement. The School shall have sole discretion to determine whether damaged equipment shall be replaced or repaired, and the School’s judgment shall be conclusive upon User. User shall not attempt to repair, or authorize anyone else to repair, any item of equipment that may be damaged. Damage, destruction or loss must be reported to the equipment room no later than the beginning of the next workday following knowledge of such damage, destruction or loss. User may not use or check out equipment until the cost of any repair or replacement is paid.

By booking this reservation, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined in the School of Media and Journalism Equipment Room Policy. Failure to retrieve reserved gear within 30 minutes of selected pick-up time will result in the cancellation of your reservation and may result in a violation strike.

Equipment Check-Out Tool (Connect2) FAQs

Connect2 is the software behind the self-service online equipment reservation tool.  If you have additional questions, please contact the equipment room staff at checkout@help.mj.unc.edu.

How do I get to Connect2?

Navigate to https://equipmentroom.mj.unc.edu/

You must be on the UNC network to access Connect2.

To connect to the equipment room site please ensure you are connected to UNC’s campus network (VPN, Eduroam, or wired). If off-campus, you must connect to the UNC Campus VPN. For help

eduroam: http://wifi.unc.edu/

VPN: http://help.unc.edu/help/vpn-installation-and-clients/

For all network related questions and support, contact UNC ITS at 919-962-HELP.

How do I log in?

Connect2  uses your Onyen and password. You must be a student, faculty or staff member in the School of Media and Journalism to access Connect2. Your permissions are assigned based on the classes you are registered for.

How do I reserve equipment?

Each user has permission to reserve equipment specific to the classes they are registered for that semester. To view available equipment click on Book by Category from the navigation bar or the blue Book MJ Equipment button in the center of the main page image.

Select Resource

  • Search: enter a keyword in the search bar at the top left (e.g.: 121, Canon, lens, stand, light)
  • Browse: use the hierarchy under Category in the left side panel. Click down through the options
  • Suitable Use: this additional filter allows you to browse by common classes and shoot types
  • ** Do not navigate away from this section. If you click on Home or again on Book by Category, or otherwise leave this area, your basket will be cleared

Select Time

  • After you locate the item you want to reserve, click the button Add to Basket to the right of the resource
  • You may also click the resource name to see its details and Add to Basket from the details page
  • Continue browsing, view your basket contents or Create booking
  • Once in Create booking, select the date and time you will pick up your item(s). Either click a time in the calendar or select with your cursor in the start date/time boxes in the right side panel
  • You may book up to 14 days in advance

Pick-up time must be during equipment room hours. Users are permitted a 30 minute window for pick-up before the reservation is cancelled

  • Select your return date and time. Items may be checked out for 72 hours. Weekends and university holidays do not count against the 72 hour timeframe. Connect2 will alert you if your return time is beyond the 72 hour period. Click Next

Return time must be during equipment room hours. Users are permitted a 30 minute window for return before the reservation is marked late. Users are permitted 3 renewals per booking

Booking Details

  • Enter your reason for booking. This is generally just your class number. If you are using equipment for a particular project, event or internship, you may provide details. This helps the staff track how equipment is being used
  • Enter your cell phone number. This is to make sure staff has a way to contact you if needed

Terms & Conditions

  • Read the Terms & Conditions. You may refer back to the Equipment Room User Policy
  • User must check the box to agree before continuing

Verify Booking

  • Review the details of the reservation
  • To revise any information, click the Back button
  • To finalize your reservation, click Submit
  • You will receive an email confirmation, and the reservation details are accessible in your Connect2 account

If you have trouble finding or reserving something, contact the equipment room staff. You may not  be able to reserve an item if you are not registered for a class that requires it.

I'm getting an error when I select the time.

If you click on the calendar to select your pick-up time, the system will automatically calculate 72 hours from then to be your return time, even if it is a time that the equipment room is closed.  You will see an error, Clashes with site open times. You will need to modify the times within the equipment room’s hours.

The system will offer suggested times that fall within open hours. Click on any suggested time to update your reservation. Or select a day and time from the menu on the right side.

How do I see when something is available?

To see a resource’s availability:

  • Click on the image or title from the search results
  • This open the details page for the resource
  • Scroll down below the image to see the weekly availability calendar
    • Available: at least one of that resource is available for reservation
    • Partially Booked: All items are booked for atleast part of the day
    • Booked: All items are booked by other users

How do I pick up my equipment?

You will receive an automated email reminder 1 hour before your scheduled reservation pick-up time. Please arrive on time for the pick-up time you selected.  If you are running late, please contact the equipment room immediately to avoid your reservation being automatically cancelled.

  • Bring your OneCard for a speedier check-out process
  • ER staff member will scan your OneCard or enter your Onyen to retrieve your reservation
  • Allow a few extra minutes to receive all of your items or if there are others picking up or returning items
  • Reservations have a 30 minute grace period before the booking is automatically cancelled, and the items returned to the online inventory

How long may I keep equipment?

The standard check-out period is 72 hours from your scheduled pick-up time. Weekends and university holidays are not factored against your check-out period. Some items and classes have longer check-out periods. This is automatically determined during the check-out process based on your Onyen.

How do I renew my equipment?

Users are allowed to renew a reservation a maximum of 3 times before they must create a new reservation. Each renewal may run the maximum check-out period associated with that item. Most items have a 72-hour check-out period, but some items may have a longer check-out period.  Users may only renew once per loan period. You will not be able to renew items again until within 72 hours (or other check-out period) of your new due date.

Availability of an item beyond your initial reservation is not guaranteed. Items are available as first come, first served. If an item in your possession has not been reserved by another user following your booking, you may renew the item(s).

  • Log in to Connect2
  • Click My Account in the top right corner OR click # Active booking OR click # checked out at the top of the main page
  • You active bookings (reservations) are listed
  • Under Your resource bookings, click the reference number for the reservation with items you want to renew
  • Click Renew booking on the right side panel
  • If an item is available for renewal, there will be a checkbox to the left of the resource. An item that is not available for renewal will be labeled as Not renewable. An item is not renewable if another user has already reserved that item after you. You will need to return the item by its original due date for the next user to pick-up
  • You may renew one or all renewable items in your reservation
  • Check the box to the left of the item
  • Or click the icon to the right to Show renewal in calendar

If you are not permitted to renew an item, the reason will be listed on your renewal page.

Why won't it let me renew my equipment?

There are a few reasons why Connect2 may be preventing you from renewing equipment.

  • Someone else reserved the item you have after you: If another user has reserved an item(s) in your possession, you must return the item(s) by the due date so that it is available for them to pick-up. For example, if there is only one Lens A and you have it checked out, if it is due at 10am and someone else reserved it for 11am, you must return it by your due date so that they may pick it up at 11am. If someone else has reserved it for the next day, you may renew it for a partial check-out period, but it must be back in time for the next user.
  • An admin created your booking for you: if an admin had to create or edit your reservation for you, permission to renew is denied. An admin will have to check availability to confirm a renewal.
  • You’ve already renewed the equipment the maximum of 3 times: The system permits up to 3 renewals per booking/reservation. If you have already made 3 renewals, you must return your equipment by the date.
  • You just renewed the items: The system permits 1 renewal per check-out period (standard is 72 hours). Users may renew once within 72 hours (or other check-out period) prior to the due date.
  • You picked up your items early: Your renewal permission begins 72 hours (or other check-out period) before the due date. If you pick up your items before your scheduled time, you will have to wait until 72 hours (or other check-out period) prior to the due date to renew.

I'm running late to pick-up/return equipment! What do I do?

You may edit your reservation and change your pick-up time as long as the pick-up time has not passed. If you know you are running late, log into your account (you may use your phone on campus/Eduroam!)

  • Click My Account in the upper right corner
  • Scroll down to Your resource bookings
  • Click the reference number for the booking you want to edit
  • From the right side panel, click Edit booking
  • As long as the start time has not passed, you may change your pick up time

If you cannot change the time yourself, contact the equipment room staff as soon as possible to avoid a warning. Email the staff at checkout@help.mj.unc.edu .

Note: The system automatically cancels a reservation 30 minutes after the scheduled pick-up time. If the items are still available and you walk in 30 minutes after your scheduled time, equipment room staff can still check items out to you as a new reservation,

Why can't I reserve some types of equipment?

Each user has permission to see and reserve items specific to the classes he or she is registered for. If a student cannot reserve an item, it is because their class doesn’t use it. If you have added a new class to your schedule and cannot reserve equipment you should be able to access, please contact the equipment room at checkout@help.mj.unc.edu.

I forgot when my stuff is due. Can I see what items are due when?

You may view all the items you have currently checked out by going to your account in Connect2.

  • Click My Account in the top right corner, OR active booking OR item checked out from the top of the main image in your homepage
  • You will see your current reservations
  • Under Your Resource Bookings you will see the End Date for each reservation
  • For further details about the items in each reservation, click on the reservation number

I don't get the notifications emails

The system sends automated emails (confirmations, reminders etc) to the UNC email associated with your Onyen. Please check your spam folder if you do not see them in your inbox.

I don't have a reservation but can I still come by and check equipment out?

Reservations are not required but are recommended. Availability to equipment is not guaranteed for walk-ins. Users are welcome to come to the equipment room during open hours to see if something is available. If an item is in house and available for the duration needed, equipment room staff can do an “immediate check out” to a user. A OneCard is required.

I can't find the item I want to reserve.

You may not have permission to reserve a particular item, and that it why it isn’t visible when you search Connect2. If you need help finding an item or making a reservation, contact the equipment room staff or stop by during regular hours.

Can I add something to my reservation?

If your reservation has not started yet and you are not late for pick-up, you may edit a booking. You may add to, remove from or change the due date.

  • Log in to Connect2
  • View your account by clicking My Account in the top right corner or  go to Active bookings on the main page
  • Scroll down beneath your messages to My bookings
  • Click on the reference number (e.g. Con0001234) for the reservation you want to amend. Note: each item is listed separately but will link back to the same reference number
  • On the Resource Booking Summary page, click Edit booking on the right side panel
  • Follow through the regular check-out process, adding or removing items from your basket and selecting the pick up and return times
  • After you make changes and submit the reservation, your reservation will be updated.

Can I re-book a past reservation?

Yes, you may copy a past booking. This will automatically pre-populate your basket with previous items. Reservations are subject to resource availability and hours.

  • Go to My Account in the top right corner
  • Click on Booking History from the right side panel
  • All of your past reservations are listed. Click on any past reservations (Note: Cancelled or deleted past reservations cannot be copied)
  • Select the reference number of the past booking you want to recreate
  • Click on Copy Booking from right side panel
  • User will be brought to the category section, and their cart will be pre-populated with resources from the previous booking
  • Continue through the normal reservation process

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