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How to use the web printing portal

The web printing portal can be used by J-School students and faculty to upload documents and print at various labs and offices in Carroll. Follow the instructions below to print.

Go to in your web browser.

Login with your ONYEN and password.

The main screen gives you a summary of your current printing balance and past usage. On the left hand side of the screen, select “Web Print.”








Select “Submit a Job.”










The Printer Name corresponds with the Location/Department in which the printer is locaed. Make your selection on the left hand side, then select “2. Print Options and Account Selections” in the bottom right of the screen.






Type in the number of copies you would like, then select “3.Upload Documents” in the bottom right of the screen.





Select “Upload from Computer” and choose the document you wish to print. Then select “Upload and Complete” in the bottom right of the screen.







Once your document has been processed, you will see “Finished: Queued for Printing” under “Status.”


Remote Access – PC

Connecting to FILES.MJ from off campus

(if you’re ON campus, skip to step 4):

  1. Open a web browser and browse to
  2. Follow the instructions for downloading and installing the VPN client on your computer.
  3. In the “login” box:
    GROUP should be “UNCCampus”
    Type your ONYEN and ONYEN password
    For additional login and password information, click here.
    Scroll down to the Windows instructions for ‘Connection Settings’ containing the “Second Username” and “Second Password”
    Click “login.”
    You are now remotely connected to the campus network.  Now you must map the network drive.
  4. Go to “My Computer
  5. Click “Tools” in the menu bar and select “Map Network Drive
  6. In the dialogue box for “Drive”, choose any letter between “N:” and “Z:”
  7. For “Folder” type: \\\SemesterYEAR (ex. \\\Spring2015)
  8. Make sure “Reconnect at login” is checked and click “Finish
  9. At the login screen:
    For “User name:” type “AD\”  then your ONYEN: “AD\onyen”
    For “Password:” type your ONYEN password and click “ok

    1. Your fields should look like:
      1. Username: AD\Onyen
      2. Password: Onyen Password
  10. Now you should be connected to the files.mj server.

Remote Access – Mac

Connecting to from off campus

Connecting with a Mac

1. Follow the instructions located here to establish your VPN connection (don’t worry, you only have to do this setup once).

2. Once you have connected to the UNC VPN, click on the “Finder” icon in the dock

a screen shot of the Finder icon in the Dock

3. In the menu bar, click “Go” and then click “Connect to Server…” in the drop down menu

a screen shot of someone clicking Go then Connect to Server on a Mac

4. In the dialogue box, under “Server Address:” type

5. Click “Connect

6. Type in your onyen username and onyen password and click “Connect

a screen shot of Connect as window

7. Select the volume you want to mount and click “OK

8. The drive should appear on your desktop. Double-click it and now you are connected to files.mj.unc.eduthe Departements Drive icon

Labs and Classrooms

All classroom and lab computers offer Microsoft Office, Firefox, Chrome, Fetch, Fugu and Adobe CC 2017. For access to the building and to our multimedia labs, please browse to our access page. It can take up to 72 hours for your access request to be processed. Contact the Dean’s office in Carroll 117 if you still don’t have access after 72 hours.

Mac Labs

  • Carroll 059 – Graphics Lab
  • Carroll 060 – Digital Darkroom
  • Carroll 067 – Multimedia Lab
  • Carroll 132 – Convergence Lab
  • Carroll 144 – Carolina Week Lab
  • Carroll 145 – Carolina Connection Lab
  • Carroll 268 – Ad-PR Classroom

Labs and Classroom Availabilities

Labs 59, 60, 67, 132, 144 and 268:

  • Sundays | 1:00 PM – Midnight
  • Monday – Thursday | 5:30 PM – Midnight, unless there are classes scheduled
  • Friday | 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, unless closed for maintenance

Also available are the iMacs in the Park Library when the library is open (check their website).

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