At the beginning of Spring semester 2017, Adobe software has transitioned from being a device license install to the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App sign-in requirement for all MJ computers.  This change enables several benefits over the previous method as noted below.

  • Versioning conflicts should become a thing of the past as Adobe applications will stay up-to-date (within a reasonable amount of time after their release)
  • Students/users will have access to their cloud files as they log in
  • Users will be able to select and update any apps at any time, even if the scheduled update has yet to run (we anticipate a weekly trigger for the update schedule)

Some things to keep in mind that will be a bit different than the previous install are:

  • Users will need to login with their Adobe ID before gaining access to any of the Adobe CC apps
  • Students will need to signup for their free Adobe CC pass.  All relevant information can be found at  Please encourage your students to sign up on day one of class.
  • All other users can obtain an Adobe ID via as well.  Please contact us if you need assistance.
  • If you are signed in at more than two computers, you will be prompted to sign out of your other sessions before you can launch a new session.  This is done automatically or you can choose to manually sign out of one or both.

Here are a couple quick tutorials to get you started:

How to get an Adobe CC ID at UNC

How to sign-in & out of Adobe CC at UNC

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