For Server Access:

Please fill out the form below to request access to an MJ school server (files, secnas, storage, etc).

Access is given on a per-person basis unless requested by the Data Steward of the folder (the person in charge). Please keep in mind that server access is not for personal use, all files shared there are visible by everyone that has access to that folder.

If requesting access for SecNAS, only the Data Steward can add requests for new people to have access. The form must be filled out by them.

This form submits your request to MJ IT staff, who will get back to you on its approval within 48 hours.

For Building Access:

Please fill out the form below to apply for card-swipe access to Carroll Hall and its multimedia labs.

You may enter the building through the basement door nearest the labs using your OneCard.  Once you are in the building, your OneCard will also open the door to rooms 60 and 67.  Radio and television students may use the keypad to enter rooms 135, 144 and 145 once inside.  See your professor for the punch code.

The card swipes function between 6:00 a.m. and midnight.  We expect you to leave the building absolutely no later than 1:00 a.m., when the computers go down for nightly maintenance.

This form submits your request to the Carroll Hall main office, who should approve it within 72 hours.

Note** For access to, please have your professor fill out the request form. We can only accept requests from professors.

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