*Getting rid of the red dot during login*

1. Log into the computer using the JOMC log-in
2. Right-click the Deep Freeze (polar bear) icon in the top right corner of your screen
3. Select ‘log-in’ and log-in using ‘Deep-Freeze’ password (get from David, Michael, or Don)
4. Once you have access, select the option that says “Restart Thawed”, and restart the computer.
5. You want to net boot the computer so before it cuts back on hold down “option” and “n”.
6. Select the correct net boot option “AD Config” and make sure the computer has the proper name.
7. Next hit play and allow the computer to complete the process and restart.
8. Once restarted, make sure the red dot on the log in page has disappeared
9. Log in and re-thaw the computer using the same steps from 1-3. Select the option that allows you to reboot your computer ‘frozen’.

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