First things first, get ready for the most exciting part of your day!
Surplus needs to be done every once in a while, especially when the room starts to get filled up. Because of that, there’s usually quite the collection of items in the room.

To most effectively fill out the surplus sheet, you’ll want to take a notepad or a writing device of any kind down to room 26 with you.
Once there, jot down everything and anything that you see in the room. If it’s a box full of assorted goods, write down a general description such as “Box of ink” or “Box of cables.”
For computers and televisions and other higher priced electronics, you’ll need to take note of the serial number and model number.
IMPORTANT** If you see a CRC sticker on ANY item, you have to jot that number down for that item!!
Once the list is done, head back up to the IT offices and get on any computer.
You’ll need David to log onto Connect Carolina and direct you to the Surplus information sheet. Just fill out the sheet (it’s pretty intuitive) and once it’s done, double check it with David and hit Submit.
You’re done!

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