This is more of a “once in a blue moon” kind of thing but here it goes.
1. First, use virtualbox to access AD.
2. Create an AD group under the “Shared Mailboxes” folder in AD and add the Onyens of the people using the mailbox.
3. When you set up the account on Outlook, the username should be /ad/onyen/name of group on ad.smb
4. The password is the password of the Onyen user who you are setting up the mailbox for.
5. Incoming server is with default port and settings.
6. Outgoing server is with the outgoing port being 465.
7. Make sure to hit “Advanced Settings,” change the dropdown menu to username and password, and make the username and password /ad/onyen and onyen password.
8. That’s it! Send a couple test emails and verify that the account can both send and receive emails.

As a sidenote, the link to access the server settings is here. Use the Thunderbird “Campus Exchange” settings.

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