Connecting to from off campus

Connecting with a Mac

1. Follow the instructions located here to establish your VPN connection (don’t worry, you only have to do this setup once).

2. Once you have connected to the UNC VPN, click on the “Finder” icon in the dock

a screen shot of the Finder icon in the Dock

3. In the menu bar, click “Go” and then click “Connect to Server…” in the drop down menu

a screen shot of someone clicking Go then Connect to Server on a Mac

4. In the dialogue box, under “Server Address:” type

5. Click “Connect

6. Type in your onyen username and onyen password and click “Connect

a screen shot of Connect as window

7. Select the volume you want to mount and click “OK

8. The drive should appear on your desktop. Double-click it and now you are connected to files.mj.unc.eduthe Departements Drive icon

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